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He is the jesus of the computers - 'Healing Haaands!'

That last entry didn't elaborate on much. I have nothing better to do so I'll update.

Thursday - Pop night, went with Aimee, Richard and Dave, shortly followed by the neighbours and Ed. Was good coz I got very drunk I can hardly remember the end of it, Dave took me home and when he went I slept in a comatose style. When I woke up I was startled to find that there was sick all over my mattress, I must have thrown up in my sleep or something. Good thing I wasn't lying on my back.

Friday - Didn't really have a hangover after the drunken pop night, I managed to get up and showered in time before Dave came over and speltchecked my work. Theres nothing worse when you feel knackered and have to look over essays in the morning. Urgh. We managed to get them done and printed in my bedroom, then we rushed off to the School of English where other latecomers were writing furiously fast on thier cover sheets and getting all the papers in a tangle - maybe that was just me.

Its really bad but I can hardly remember what I did in the day despite Friday being only the other day. I recall I went round Dave's house and we watched Roger Rabbit and ate cheese toasties before he fell asleep for a bit. Selina called and we decided to meet her and Aimee to have chinese takeaway together. We went to Selinas flat and ordered our food, I had duck with fried rice in black bean sauce it was well nice! but I couldn't eat it all which was a shame. They all think i'm wierd coz I have a pet duck and yet I happily eat duck meat, how can you not when it tastes so damn good? Dave can't eat properly and made a right mess of his meal, I had to clean him up several times tsk. When we had enough, Dave threw spring rolls, toilet roll and various objects out the window.

We then went to the venue, I was feeling shit coz I hadn't washed my hair and hadn't had a lot of makeup on but we ended up having a good time. Selina got quite drunk, but she was so sweet! shes the most adorable tipsy person I know! I met Hugh, this guy from my seminar at the bar when I was getting my vodka and coke. He is really cool, we had a long chat as the bar staff took so bloody long. We found out we hate the same people in our seminars, one guy in particular which was funny, I thought I was the only person who thought he was a git! I hope Hugh will be in my seminars after xmas.

Later in in the night we danced a lot, which was fun. When we left the venue the drunkeness wore off and we all got really hyper. Someone pointed out a tree and we were like ooh lets climb it! Dave, Selina and I hung from the branches, that was so hilarious! I managed to break some of the branches...sorry Mr Tree! We had photos taken in front of the big pine tree on campus with the fairy lights and then balanced on top of bike ramps. When we got back to ours, we rugby tackled each other on the wet grass, getting very dampin the process. Aimee and Selina ran outside and kicked round a ball which I joined in with, I dunno why we did that, none of us are particulary sporty! We ran about a lot and more wrestling occurred.

I asked Aimee if she wanted to roll down the hill with me, and she was like 'yeah!' I hadn't done that for ages, I love going really fast till my head spins, and we both got really muddy! (see Aimees photo of us two on her journal!)Selina apparently went to sleep in the kitchen, bless her. There was lots of cuddling and saying 'I love youuu!' which was so sweet and just a great way to end the term for me, it made me so happy to feel a strong bond with those guys. And I will miss Aimee loads.

Saturday - Well, most of last night was Saturday morning, but I will start with when I woke up after several hours sleep. I went back to mine at 8ish and got dressed. I got a phone call from my Dad, coming to take me home which was earlier than I expected. I rushed to throw all my stuff together so when he came I pretty much packed everything. I also got my parcels today yay! The nice man at reception told me there was a seprate section for parcels so I was chuffed getting them and going home. Had bacon when I got back, though I ended up cooking for everyone despite being totally knackered.

I decorated the two christmas trees today as well, which was nice but I was getting grumpy coz I was so tired. But it is great to be home, I missed having my own space though things here are quite hectic at the moment, mum didn't greet me that happily when I got home. I think its the stress of xmas getting to her. Ate loads but i'm still hungry, Gregg and Immy came over to watch Muppet Christmas Carol with me, Immy and I freaked Gregg out by practically singing to every song in that awesome movie haha! Gregg managed to heal my laptop by putting his hands over it!

I have a feeling that this journal will be updated a lot more, now I have not much to do!

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