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Delayed Update

Oh dear God, this must be the first time I have posted in about two years, hello Live Journal again!!

So much to talk about, but very little time to do so!! Here is 2011 to 2013 in a short summary:

October 2011: After months of agonizing pain and toilet problems, had a colonoscopy this month which resulted in my diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis (Google at your own risk!)

November/December 2011: Stress and illness meant 'poor performance' at work as a reporter. Bullied and shouted at by editor all the time. Sickness got worse. In November one day just couldn't write anymore, mind was a blank. Parents took me back to Essex. This was an onset of a nervous breakdown.

January 2013: Quit the job, unemployed. Went to a lot of therapy. Didn't work so I tried to pull myself back up.

February: Got a job in a glorified call centre. Met a lot of fab people, made some great friends and got my confidence back very slowly.

July: Ongoing problems with Brad. We go on holiday in Bournemouth and on my birthday go for a meal. He goes mad about something I said in restaurant, leaves me to pay the bill and doesn't return. Try to throw myself out the hotel window but he stops me. Meet Rich in The Eagle pub in Deal after being left my Brad and his bandmates.

December: Brad's druggie mum throws me out the house at 11pm one very frosty night because I'm a "little bitch who should be thrown out the fucking window." Brad nowhere to be seen. I wander round Deal in the middle of the night wearing only a thin top and leggings. Find Rich at his pub and he looks after me until Brad answers his phone at last.

March: More problems with Brad. We go on a 2 day break, he calls me up one night drunkenly to have a go at me. I tell him to fuck off and leave me alone. Most empowering feeling in the world!

April: Rich and I get more close, end up one night at his pub touchey feeley then walk back to his where we kiss. He admits he's fancied me ever since he met me. We start dating a few weeks later.

May: I get new flat. Rich loses his job. Money struggles and stress.

July: Trip to Venice. My 25th Birthday in Italy

August: Result! Rich gets a job as Events/Bar Manager at University and I become PR and Trade Marketing Assistant at Hornby!

Rich and I were mates for over a year and met when I came to Deal to watch Brad's band play but as soon as I got the train down, I was left with him saying "Hey I gotta go, but this is Rich, Stu's (his bandmates) cousin!"
I got so annoyed and embarrassed I bought my drink and sat in the beer garden texting Brad "Fuck you I'm going back to Canterbury!" This Rich guy comes to sit down with me and manages to calm me down: "Just relax and play some pool with me!" I show off my terrible pool skills and we talk for hours and hours and find out we have identical beliefs and tastes (he's the biggest Clash fan!) He walks round with me at Brad's stupid gig and only leaves when he knows I'm ok. We chat a lot on Facebook and meet up a few odd times at his pub, but mostly remain distant as we were both in relationships. Long story short, found out I was with the wrong guy - changed it and now I couldn't be happier! As cheesey as it sounds, I've never had a bloke I connect with so much and I miss him a lot, even just talking to him! we are essentially living together now but I'm not freaked out at all, it's just really awesome :D
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