Bowler hat fairy!! (neri_b) wrote,
Bowler hat fairy!!

Acid Jam

Went to London last night with Nish, Arwen, Sven, Aimee and random ppl to go to Acid Jam which is a little place upstairs in a pub where people get together and jam with loads of instruments. Twas good, though at the end as people started getting even more stoned/drunk the music became a bit unbearable. Also the bloody smoke was giving me a headache *cough cough*.

I was a little tipsy, but just so to be mildly entertained by wierd guys like one who tape recored mine and Aimee's coversation about penises (lol) and wierd drunk guy at the bar who had totally lost control of his use of language but I think managed to compliment Aimees boobies hehe. I have bruises on my legs, not sure where they come from - maybe coz when I managed to sleep for an hour in Arwen's friends room I slept on the floor, upon some wires. We got up to get the coach back to Canterbury about 7am.

I will have to start one of my essays tommorow, a tad worried as I seem to be getting more bad grades and instead of actually working I watch family guy or update this which is completely pointless.
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