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Body free of dust, mind without a care

I feel very tired again but i don't want to sleep. Today was quite a good day, it really started at 3am when me and Ed took Dave home after he stayed over our house for a bit, which was really nice though i think he finds our house boring. When me and Ed got back we just sat in the kitchen for a bit, eating food and chatting before we ourselves went to bed.

I woke up late, about 10.30 which i was bummed about coz i missed my lecture! doh! I slept in a bit after that, until i had to go to my poetry lecture which was cancelled anyway! Although my seminar was still on. I really like my poetry seminars, today we looked at quotations in poems.We had to as homework find 10 quotes we liked, so when we came into class we put them all in a big box where we each took 8 quotes by random out of it. The purpose of this was to create our own poems by mixing up, editing and adding onto the quotes. I have mine all splayed out on my desk, i'm looking forward to doing that activity later in the week.

When i got back Ed and I went food shopping, i managed to get a lot of stuff so i cooked spaghetti bolognaise which i was very proud of seeing as i havent cooked it before without someone's guidance!

Our old group all went out tonight which was really nice. Me, Selina, Ed, Dave, Aimee and Big Dave. I liked seeing Aimee again coz we hadn't seen her for a long time and she was very happy and hyper which was great. We all kinda want to live together, all six of us (well Simon as well but were not sure about that!) which is lovely to have so many people to want to live with but that means we might have to split up the group into two so it will work out, i hope it does!

I think Dave might be annoyed with me. I was quite grumpy with him coz he wasn't gonna come to the poetry lecture which i feel bad about, i want to apologise but hes not replying on msn. Tonight he hardly spoke a word to me, let alone hold my hand or anything. I hope hes ok with me

When Selina and Dave went home, and Ed and Aimee went inside his room Big Dave and I sat in the kitchen talking for an hour or so. I like talking to him, i don't usually get a chance to, and sometimes i find it hard to strike up a conversation about random meaningless things but we chatted about lots of stuff - relationships, work, religion, mental illness just to name a few! i like talking about deep stuff like that, its more satisfying than just normal chit chat. Well this entry is too long as it is so i'll leave it here.
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