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Cocktails and stolen milk

I'm feeling quite happy today. Why shouldn't I be? I'm at uni, away from home and all the arguements between my mum and my sister, I have some really great friends here and a boyfriend so it's all good. I just tidied up my room, I didn't intend to though, i was looking for one of my quotations from poetry class which I need to compile a poem.Oops.

I can hear someone walking around downstairs which means one of my housemates are back, phew! This whole weekend I have spent without anyone else in my house which is was so strange, but it was ok because I stayed over Dave's so that I wouldn't feel lonely here. It's not like i'm afraid of being alone, I quite like it actually, but you kind of feel out of it here and I have no other forms of entertainment than a couple of books, music stored on my laptop and the internet as my DVD/ROM drive on my laptop is broken (sob).

I wrote my brother an email the other day, i did it whilst in bed with a headache after a drunken night with Mark. I wrote loads of funny stuff for my brother things he would only understand, we have these sayings and nicknames, some made up and others from our fave computer games or comedies. I'm looking forward to seeing him again next weekend. Oh and my brother in law informed me that he and Ju are coming down from Peterborough to see me when I get home which is good. I really think they will like Dave, seriously what's not to like about him!

Last night was good. Although Ed went home because he was feeling low, (hope he feels better soon) the night didn't seem too bad. Aimee, Adam, Selina, Dave and I went to Dolce Vita in Keynes College which is like a cocktail bar on saturday nights. We dranks loads of jugs...Blue Lagoon, Sex on the Beach and Lethal Injection and Dave and Selina drank the bad ones like White Russian and Snow White which had brandy in it eww! Failed to get me drunk in the slightest, what a rip off. Alex, Aimee's friend from back home joined us but I got my headache from the other night back again so Selina and Dave walked me home. I stayed for about an hour and then walked over to Dave's house to watch DVDs with him and Selina.

For some reason when I came back to my house about 12pm, I found all the cupboards in the kitchen open and the back door ajar. I don't remember it being open at all when I went out. Dave or Selina must have left it open perhaps, i don't know it was very wierd. I checked on our food and found that all they took was my milk, which was only half full anyway, what's with that? I asked Bunches whether he knew anything about it, but he didn't. I think Jason is back so I'll tell him. Stupid pissheads stealing our stuff again.
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