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Ascending endlessy and I don't even have to try

Thursday we went to the venue, we being me, Ed, Dave, Sabrina, Anni and Simon though we did meet up with Seb. Richard, Curly Dave and Sian when we got there. Unfortunatley I didn't talk to Seb that night which I should have coz he probably thought I was ignoring him or something oops. Its like Mark's friend, Stuart who always sees me on campus but I walk past him coz I honestly can't see anything without my glasses! Makes me sound aloof and unfriendly but i'm not!

The venue was good, they did play some good stuff but most was unidentifiable crap, which sounds ok when you're drunk but really its not. Yeah so I got drunk again, what a surprise! it always happens but its all good coz it means I can have a good time despite making an arse out of myself sometimes! I don't think I fell over or did anything particulary embarrassing that night. People kept buying drinks for me which was nice. It was fun going out with Sabrina as we don't see her that much and she has a really good sense of humour. She takes the piss out of my name, but to be honest, i'd do the same if it was me!

Me, Ed, Simon and the rest of the Darwin people went back to our houses, they ordered food but I went to bed seeing as I had a seminar the next day. Selina rang me but I really can't recall what she said! I ended up falling asleep on lots of change so when I woke up at eight I had pennies imprinted into my back. The seminar was ok, little boring but there was only two other people who showed up. My parents took me home on friday at one, I think. My mum was angry with me so she said nasty comments all morning and made me carry all my stuff to the car without helping me which really hurt my shoulders :(

Immy was feeling low yesterday, something about having a rough day at work. She then went out to see Gregg and Jeff and I spent the night reading my book for Monday - The Golden Ass. Couldn't be bothered to watch tv, I find it too mundane nowadays. Today, in about an hour my big sister Ju and hubby Gaz are coming should be nice, will be a bit wierd though. I'll show her and Paul when he comes over, my photos from uni and make them jealous again. I might do some tea leaf reading for Ju, I read her tea leaves a lot when she comes over...its funny coz whenever I anayse her dreams, do tarot or read leaves she always get the same message - pregnancy! ah well I can only wait and see.

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