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Harlow College, what a surprize!

I think it's because I don't have anything much to do at night that I don't mind the early morning starts. It's strangely like how I started uni, I enjoy the socialising but I am not so keen on the actual course atm. Yesterday I had three hours of Public Affairs, which is taught by Lewis, the young scruffy teacher and he dashed through all the info so quickly, I had no time to write it down, let alone understand what the hell he was talking about! At least I was sitting with Hayden who is great entertainment in boring lessons.

Today we had two doses of shorthand, and media law. Shorthand is pretty easy as I learnt a lot in the summer, and it drags a little but it's ok. I don't really understand Media Law much, but I hope to get better at it soon. Hayden mentioned about going to Pizza hut in our two hour gap, so a load of us went into town, but we changed our minds and went to the pub instead. It was a lot of fun, Nick was there too and it was a good laugh. Sarah and I got quite tipsy on our one pint of beer and were giggling throughout. When we got into class again we couldn't stop laughing at random things which drew a lot of attention from everyone else! Coz a lot of us had beer we felt really sleepy in our last class, which was very boring! And now I'm back in my house again. I have homework to do but I'm too hungry to do it now! Will have to wait until the Chans leave the kitchen free.
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